What The Hell Is Going On Here??? 24 Pictures We May Never Ever Understand

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Every picture may tell a story, but there are some that leave us with more questions than answers. There’s no shortage of bizarre pictures circulating around the Internet, and many have reached a level of virality solely based on their weirdness. While we may never get an explanation for these obscure images, there is something…

18 Worst Wedding Dresses Ever Made!

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Whenever we hear the about wedding dresses, we think of a perfect dream dress but this is not the case all the time. Yes, sometimes even the wedding dresses can disappoint you. I know my words hurt your idea of perfect wedding dresses but this is true, wedding dresses can be the worst at times.…

21 Hilariously Well-Timed Photos That You Won’t Believe Actually Happened

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You stand and smile to get the perfect picture and suddenly - a piano falls down from the sky! Did something like this ever happen to you? it happened to these people! Take a look at these 21 hilariously well-timed photos that you won't believe actually happened! 1. First, there's this unforgettable wedding shot: pr0gramm.com 2. And…

All I Want For Christmas Is A Nap

When you finally end up on Santa Claus’ lap, you can ask for anything your little brain can think of. So what do you naturally want the most, after standing hours in line for the guy? That’s right, a little shut-eye please! https://youtu.be/_8XarBbb5O8

Best News Bloopers October 2017

The news isn’t something that puts a smile on your face these days (was it ever though?), but this compilation is guaranteed to brighten the mood! https://youtu.be/u6s2zEFs-5I

20 Amusing Photos Proving That Children Are Extremely Weird Beings

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Being a parent is fun, not least because children are an endless source of surprises...sometimes rather unexpected ones. Here are 20 pieces of evidence proving that children can be a little weird. 20. "This is how my son watches TV." © mc_dad/reddit 19. "My son didn’t want to be a tiger or a superhero. He wanted to be a traffic light." © oimky/reddit 18. All kids know that rabbits are ferocious predators. © area_fifty-one/reddit 17. Her…

27 Photos That Will Make You Wonder What The Hell Is Going On

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Not every event in the world can be logically explained. Here are some funny photographic evidence of the unbelievable, mysterious, and strange things that happen around us. 27. This is definitely the flying car from Harry Potter. © kieran01pd2016/imgur 26. Nothing special. Batman just decided to have dinner. © ImgurderpleasegivemetoBender/imgur 25. The Connecticut police arrested some geese for…