Koala Fight

Koalas cute and harmless? I don’t think so. This analysis of a koala fight is intense! The one second it looks like they’re falling asleep together, the next they’re going mental again with no regard... https://youtu.be/a2pA0CVGhkg

You Suck At Cooking: Gingerbread Edition

A little late for gingerbread cookies perhaps, but that makes it even more of a surprise! And they’re still delicious obviously. This recipe is quite unorthodox, but the result is oh so sweet. https://youtu.be/t9GNMVfEiG4

How To Wrap Your Cat for Christmas

Gift-wrapping is no joke. It’s difficult and tedious and important. And it can be fun, when done right. This tutorial on how to wrap your newly bought pet for your loved one is essential! https://youtu.be/EPDFBNEp6jQ

Deer Goes Grocery Shopping

Animals are taking over!! A deer has been spotted bargain hunting in a grocery store! Imagine what would happen if we had to share our beloved groceries with every other animal on the planet… https://youtu.be/xj1WvOc70eM

Jealous Husky

It’s just a stuffed animal, but to this husky it looks like the new kid on the block. Better think of a new trick to get your owner’s attention! https://youtu.be/Z1a_apmjWKY

Unique Footage After Seagull Theft

Grand Theft GoPro. This seagull looks around to see if no-one’s watching and snatches the expensive little camera. The beginning of an adventure full of unprecedented footage. https://youtu.be/AeB90B9__xM

Kitty Hears The Can

Nobody enjoys the sound of his alarm more than this kitty. The *pop* of the tuna can, you gotta admit that’s a sound hard to beat! https://youtu.be/FZergbqitZk

The Cat Wants Candies

I mean, I definitely wouldn’t be able to withstand those cute eyes staring at me. Then at the food. Then back to ME. Aaah, please take all the candy you want, I can’t take it anymore! https://youtu.be/iGLK3wxtHt4  

Guide: How to deal with humans

Humans. How to deal with them? It’s hard for ourselves to figure out (or at least for me…), let alone for animals. Luckily they have Simon’s cat who illustrates some practical tips and tricks. https://youtu.be/vW4rpQ-rfHA

2017 In Google Search Terms

  In our rapidly globalising and digitalising world, news events pass as quickly as they came. A handy way of tracking what even happened this year, is looking at the most popular search terms from the most popular search engine. https://youtu.be/vI4LHl4yFuo