All I Want For Christmas Is A Nap

When you finally end up on Santa Claus’ lap, you can ask for anything your little brain can think of. So what do you naturally want the most, after standing hours in line for the guy? That’s right, a little shut-eye please!

Cute Dog Trying To Catch Snow

It’s that time of the year, those white fluffy drops come falling out of the sky again! Even though their paws get really cold by walking in it, dogs usually know how to make the best out of their time with snow.

Cat Playing With Rhino

It’s not a joke, any animal can become friends with any other animal, under the right circumstances. And let’s pretend there’s not yet enough evidence to back that up, so we can enjoy this cat.

Bird Caught Red-Handed

At first, the incoming bird receives nothing but smiles, but it’s all over and done with as soon as the little pecker flies of with the cash. The perfect crime exists after all?