Miniature Action Sports

Miniature action sports doesn’t sound too extreme, but don’t make up your mind too fast! These fingers take you on a bloody wild ride, buckle up fam!

The Best Opera You’ll See All Year

Stop spending your hard-earned money on expensive opera or theater tickets! Just browse a bit online and you’ll find the most amazing dog operas. This is just a sneak peek into your new favourite world

Scared Cat Is Pretty Scared

This cat’s eyes can’t get any bigger, as it stared furiously at some kind of blanket(?). I sure hope the poor thing has been let in on the secret that’s under the blanket…

7 Weird Alarm Clocks put to the Test

This dope video tests the shit out of them. Do they even work? Are they as cool as them seem? Or are they just weird and annoying and do you want to throw them out