VIDEO: American Horror Story: Cult Introduces the Most Terrifying Villain in Years! Is Donald Trump Watching? #ahscult

Season 7 of American Horror Story: Cult has been influenced by the results of the 2016 Presidential election.


From Bustle.com:

The newest trailer and a sneak peek at the opening credits show that not only did Donald Trump’s win provide inspiration, it actually sets the horrific action of the season into motion. Since his presidency will be at last part of the focus of much of this season’s events, is Donald Trump watching AHS: Cult?

From tvguide.com:

American Horror Story: Cult has Evan Peters traversing back over to the dark side and he’s turning out to be the show’s scariest villain in years. That’s not to say the reemergence of Twisty during that grotesque comic book sequence in the premiere didn’t have us reaching for the covers (and a puke bucket).

However, Peters brings a different kind of dread in the form of Kai Anderson, a cheesy puff mask-wearing cult leader who eventually finds himself on a meteoric rise up the political ranks. This season will see him terrorizing Michigan mom Ally (Sarah Paulson) by preying upon her intense fear of clowns which has resurfaced following the November 2016 election. But in Tuesday’s episode, he’s just an emboldened Trump supporter preaching chaos as a way of restoring order to the people.