Woman trying to steal package from homeowner complains loudly when caught

In this security cam footage, we see a car pull up to a driveway. A female passenger gets out, walks up the driveway, and takes a package from the doorstep of the house. She runs back to the car, which still has the passenger door open for a quick getaway.

When the thief gets in the car, the homeowner runs out and starts yelling. In a panic, the driver speeds off before the thief is fully in the car, so she falls in the street. (The stolen package is in the car) The homeowner runs over and grabs her.

The thief screams to be let go, professing her innocence. The homeowner tells the thief that the crime was captured on camera, which does little to quiet the thief. The video ends before the police arrive but according to the YouTube description, they arrived and arrested the thief after 10 minutes. T

Source: Boing Boing (published under a Creative Commons license)